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Art Floor is the artistic branch of the A.A Sapirim Ltd, Israel's top installers of industrial floors.


Art Floor Is the Artistic & Decorative design of Floorings & Coverings branch of A.A Sapirim LTD Company, one of Israel's top installers of Industrial Floors for over 30 years.

Art Floor provides solutions for Architects , Designers and Contractors who want to offertheir customers exceptional floors , individually tailored to the customer and his needs.


After years & tens of thousands of square meters Concrete Applying & Polishing, We heard the rumor of a new development in the concrete world. We set out to Italy to see what the big fuss was about.

In Italy we met a company with amazing people, creative and innovative which form the future of concrete – the Next Concrete – Nano Cemento…


Italian company, NEXT CONCRETE, brings new concrete solutions 2-3 mm thick which can be also applied on existing infrastructure. Creating a new style and a new way to think about concrete to make internal and external floors & walls, even as kitchens smooth surface, stairs & special concrete accessories!


Now Art Floor & Next concrete are collaborating to provide Israel with this brand new unique product – Nano Cement!


the materials used by Art Floor are the result of years of research and development before finding the formula for the strongest material , Bi-Component the most stable and finally - the most beautiful concrete coverings ever seen in Israel…


Art Floor by A.A Sapirim LTD always inspire to bring the future to the present. What you see today is just a glimpse of what we can create together tomorrow...


A.A Sapirim LTD is a company with over 30 years' experience in Industrial flooring.

We would never compromise when it comes to product quality, Customer service and technical assistance.


A.A Sapirim

A.A Sapirim ltd specializes for over 30 years in Silicone: Supplier & Distribution, and is one of the leading companies in Industrial Floorings in Israel, Representing one of the biggest company: STONHARD – www.stonhard.com


With over 30 years in industrial floorings installation, we stand behind hundreds of thousands of square meters of sophisticated & challenging project. We specialize in gradients providing solutions to any obstacle we face, and every customer demand.


A.A Sapirim ltd is the floor contractor for some of the biggest factories in Israel, such as:


Epoxi High-Bulid systems, with products provided by STONHARD which is an American company, working for over 90 years producing and applying Epoxi floor systems, wall systems, protective coating and etc. Stonhard are the biggest producer in the industrial epoxy floors area all over the world, and is represented in Israel by A.A Sapirim ltd for over 30 years.


A.A Sapirim ltd for over 35 years is a supplier and distributor of chemicals, specializing in the Silicone market in all its insdusties: Cosmetics, Drugs & Medical Devices, Medical costmetics, Plastics and Textile.


A.A Sapirim ltd provides technical & personal support, formulation developing side by side with supplying material according to customer production plans and mainly a reliable & professional customer service.

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