If you see a unique decorative floor and asked yourself : "What is this thing? Where did it come from?" If you encounter a surface that you had never seen before, and were afraid to Ask: "How did they do that?" If you heard about mikro concrete and didn’t know it existed, it’s a sign that it is the Work of ART FLOOR, franchise of the Italian NANO CEMENTO © in Israel. This Unique, diverse and creative method, provides you with Infinite possibilities in concrete design and coverings. It's time to start fantasizing and invite us to make your fantasy come true...

If you can imagine it - We'll make it.

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We Invite you to go crazy with us at our creative department. Using products made for special unique projects, made by Our Italian partner ®Next Concrete. We offer a Variety of colors and effects for coating furniture & accessories with Mikro concrete. Presenting our new line ® Unique Top Metal - 3 mm concrete topping combined with metals, exclusive to ART FLOOR in Israel.

Decorative Concrete – Concrete Stamping for floors and walls for external use. Using specially developed "Stamps" we can create concrete in shape & colors of natural stones, shaped patterns, paving stones , Wall bricks and thousands more designs. , let's create unique art for you, without fear of vegetation and erosion like most cases using interlocking stones.

"Quartz Carpets" - for anyone who loves the natural feeling of natural stones ,with your own unique design for your garden, that won't look like anyone else's.

Come and create your next yard with us…

We specialize in floors and coverings without expansion joints, with a huge variety of materials. Allowing endless Combinations of shades, shapes and color matching. The trending 3mm thickness concrete covering straight from Italy,  Self-Leveling Polyurethane and  3D Epoxy floors - products yet to be seen in Israel!